Prairie Gold CD and Book of Dances

The Branch has produced a CD and accompanying book of dances to celebrate its 50th year of dancing. The music is played by Scotch Measure and all the dances have a local connection, all except one being devised by a past or current Branch member.

Click on the above link to hear samples of music, read a brief description of the dances, and get ordering information.

Learn the Basics of Scottish Country Dancing

The first step to a healthier lifestyle. This is not highland, but the social dancing of Scotland. No partner required to enjoy this social dance form to lively jigs and reels. Attend our Open House and Welcome Dance at St. Paul's Anglican Church, 830 North Drive at Point Road. See the Upcoming Events below. Beginner classes start on Wednesdays beginning Sept. 16. Go to the Members page for registration forms for the basic class.

Scottish Country Dancing

Dance to Jigs, Reels, Strathspeys and the occasional Hornpipe.

Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) provides pleasure and enjoyment for all ages. It is a sociable form of contra dancing in which dancers form two lines with couples facing each other. You don't need a partner — you dance with a different partner each dance. And where else can a man dance without pants?

Dances can be descriptive, celebratory, or just plain dances. You may dance the Saint John River, a lovely strathspey in which dancers trace the course of the Saint John River in New Brunswick, or smile at some Victorian naughtiness in Kiss Under the Stairs, or thumb your noses at your captors in The Reel of the 51st Division, devised by WWII Prisoners of War.

View the video and see the introduction page for more information.

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The Winnipeg Branch

The Winnipeg Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society is an organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of Scottish Country Dancing. Classes begin in September and are taught by teachers certified by the International Headquarters of the RSCDS.
Visitors are always welcome.

Visitors from other branches

Visitors from other branches are always welcome to join us for an evening of dancing. See our class schedule and list of events for times and places.

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Health benefits of Scottish Country Dancing

Several articles describing the health benefits of Scottish Country Dancing.

  • strengthening bones
  • improving memory
  • improving balance

Following is youtube video on why it is good for you to be involved in Scottish Country Dancing.

Click here for a great video on the health benefits of SCD

Have Questions?

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Mug Pub revisited

Mug Pub, sponsored by the Winnipeg Branch for 20 years, was an immensely popular pavilion at Folklorama . Enjoy some scenes from Mug Pubs past.

Scotch Measure

Playing music we love to dance to for over 30 years. Hear some samples.

Winnipeg Branch History

The Winnipeg Branch has been in operation since 1963 and has had many proud moments.

Upcoming Events

Workshop and Ball

RSCDS Winnipeg Workshop and Ball 2017 April 21-23, 2017 - 17 Wing Air Force Base, Bldg #76 Whytewold Rd., north of Ness Ave. Teachers: Barbara Johnston, Edmonton, Alberta and David Booz, Toronto, Ontario. Come to a weekend filled with Ceilidh entertainment, dance instruction, a chance to wear your finery, enjoy a scrumptious meal, and then process to The Ball (no glass slippers required!). Delight in dancing to the live music provided by Ron Krug and Dennis Orr, more dancing on Sunday morning finished off with a yummy brunch, happening once again in the classy environment of 17 Wing. The full weekend package is $125 and you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time! Please show your support and commitment to Scottish Country Dancing by attending.Put the dates on your new, 2017 calendar and get ready to boogie!

Registration form.


Programme & Crib Notes.

General Class

The next General Class will be Thursday, April 27/17. 8pm St. Paul's Church 830 North Drive. This is open to family and friends. No charge. Bring your own water bottle.